The idea for MAP Counseling is derived from years of experience, study, and, most importantly, a desire to help others create a a more fulfilling and purposeful life. While I am fairly new to the Seattle area, it is apparent that there is a community of seekers who are willing to do the work necessary to bring about real change in themselves and their community. 

The model is simple.  I work with a community of people who share the desire to create a life that is less controlled by our reactions and more a product of our intention. This requires both the client and therapist to put in the work daily (many times a day) to continue their growth towards a more authentic existence.

My name is James Teems, and I am a psychotherapist in Seattle, WA. My work centers around the emptiness I felt for most of my life. I searched for meaning and happiness by achieving success in the traditional way: money, recognition, and job title. However, once I reached my goal, I felt more empty than ever before. It was then I realized that I was truly searching for peace and human connection, and all of my work was internal. I am looking to live a purposeful life, just as you are, and MAP Counseling is one of the ways I am doing that. I have been providing therapy for 9 years and look forward to continued growth and human connection.


LMHC - 60625261 (Washington)

LPC - 64590 (Texas)


I have worked with clients from age 7 to age 99, and each person brought an incredible history that has shaped how I do therapy today. I have worked with palliative care patients in a hospice setting on end-of-life issues, as well as their families on acceptance and grief. I have worked with addiction in both a 12-step model and harm reduction practice. The common thread throughout all of my work is that people are inherently struggling and are looking for someone who can hear them and help them make positive changes.


BA Religious Studies - Trinity University, San Antonio, TX

MA Counseling - St. Edward's University, Austin, TX

PhD, ABD Communications - European Graduate School, Saas-Fee, Switzerland

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